Physical Stores and Youtube Video Promotion


Many of the biggest ecommerce stores did not catch the technological trends in order to improve their sales levels and beat their competition. They just stay as they did 10 years ago.

They just keep putting content in the websites, do not optimize the keywords , do not invest in high quality pictures and mainly they do not think about video marketing, and that’s why many entrepreneurs are beating them every day in the search engines.

Huge stores like walmart, Fnac and many others do not think about it, since their physical channels are working and selling but their online business have a very low share of sales when comparing globally.

The steps to follow are simple but will require a lot of extra manpower, it will require a full rewriting of the entire content, optimize the content, have a good copywriter to create sales letter for each product instead of only showing the features list of each product.

Then will be probably on of the most significant part of the entire strategy, the strategy about youtube promotion of the products. Well video marketing its not an easy task but its mandatory to achieve the required goal. The goal is to increase the exposure of the products in internet and reach an audience that wants to buy but does not know about the brand or if the brand sells that specific product. That why its good to market the product with a video promotion that can reach a viral status in order explode the sales level like never before.

Many mega stores are not willing to follow this path because they believe this will increase their costs level and normally do not do their ROI analysis in order to verify if an youtube promotion campaign will be viable in order to increase sales, instead they prefer to stay on the same track, but some smaller companies in the same niche are increasing sales because they did not stop in 1990s.

So the mindset of these type of companies should follow the Niche trends in order to increase their revenue goals or else they will start failing and probably can end 2015 with great losses. There were some good examples in 2014.

Below you can take a look at a video explaining why its important  to have a video promoting physical  stores and the whole inventory.

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